Back from the eWomen Convention and, as

Back from the eWomen Convention and, as a man, it’s exciting to see the engaged, intelligent women pushing their dreams to the next level.

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When your staff is incapable of figuring

When your staff is incapable of figuring things out, use training, instructing and coaching to develop competence.

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My colleague DrWELLth has written the bo

My colleague DrWELLth has written the book “Help Them Help YOU Manage-Lead:”

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Delegation is part of a SIMPLER SYSTEM

Delegation is one of the hardest skills for supervisors, managers, Presidents and CEOs to master. You may be able to do it faster, better (in your mind) and just the way you like it, but you’ll never get rid of the job, unless you delegate. You’re also robbing someone else of a growth, or learning, experience. Learn more at for online program and at my November 12th Workshop in Calgary.

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How’s Your New Year Starting?

I know, January 1st is supposed to be the start of a new year but let’s face it, September marks the kick-off of another type of new year. Kids go back to school, people return to their jobs after most have had a vacation, and the seasons change from, “Isn’t it lovely,” to “What will winter be like this year?”

In my world of Frontline Leadership Training it’s a matter of getting answers from clients as to what they want their people to experience. You may not be looking for leadership/supervisory training, but do me a favour, answer this question.

What skills do you see lacking in supervisors and managers?

We all see supervisors and managers who could use help with their skills. The lack can show itself in poor service, rude or abrupt communication, or a myriad of other “less than joyful” experiences with businesses. So, what skills do you see lacking?

I look forward to your comments. My SIMPLER SYSTEM: 7 Key Strategies for Inspired Leadership launches this week. Enrollment is continuous and the guest presenters are spectacular.

Garth Roberts, CSP

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Are You Blocking Your Own Leadership?

Most of us don’t like to admit we may be the problem in any situation. In leadership it’s even more difficult to look in the mirror and say, “I see the problem.” Reality is, even if you’re only 5% of the problem, you must fix the 5% first. Your credibility as a leader will be heavily damaged if you don’t acknowledge your mistakes. Your team, colleagues and clients will respect you more and your successes will increase. Don’t be afraid to communicate your errors and definitely tell how you’ve fixed the problem.

My SIMPLER SYSTEM features 7 Steps, with the first one being SELF. Join me on May 28th to learn more about you, and how to make more money and have more time for yourself.

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Simpler System to give leaders more time and more money

If you’d like to spend less time at work and have more money when you’re away from work. Let’s talk. For the past 30+ years I’ve been a leader and worked with leaders. OK, I wasn’t always a leader because, like many of you, I started as a supervisor, became a manager, worked into developing my company and, along the way, became a leader.

Also along the way I discovered I was working too hard at this leadership thing. So I’ve taken a step back and reviewed what’s worked and what hasn’t and I’ve devised a Simpler System for Frontline Managers. I love working with new supervisors and middle management because most of them a left to fend for themselves when it comes to leading. One day you’re a worker, the next day you’re a manager or supervisor and no one has taken the time to help you in the transition.

Let me help you as I turn managers into leaders.

How? In my Simpler System workshop I walk you through seven strategies. On May 28th please join me in Calgary. Just click to register –

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Are you a lifelong learner?

Recently, for the first time in a long time, I conducted a continuing education class in business writing. Eight participants showed up to learn how to improve their business writing skills. As I went around the room to discover why they were in the class, I was pleased to learn how many of them are lifelong learners. Only a couple of people were there because their boss or supervisor suggested they be there. I like it when people come to class because they want to be there, not because they have to be there.

The term “lifelong learner” has been around for a long time and more and more I see people in all types of jobs expanding their education. That bodes well for the workforce. In a previous blog I talked about the concept of having a workforce that’s made up of innovators in North America. We can’t be the innovators if we aren’t continually learning and expanding our minds. How about you, what was the last program or course you took? Why did you take it? How did it help you? I look forward to your comments.

Garth Roberts

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The Value of a Sabbatical defines a sabbatical as “any extended period of leave from one’s customary work, especially for rest, to acquire new skills or training.” That fits what I’ve been doing for the past six months with this e-zine. It’s not great for marketing, but marvelous for the psyche.

My sabbatical allowed me three things:

  1. Rest
  2. Re-evaluation
  3. Rejuvenation

I had gotten into a rut of do, do, do … with little down time, so I took down time from certain segments of my work life. I re-evaluated and left some of my previous “tasks” behind. Others, like this e-zine, I’ve slowly picked up and come back rejuvenated.

  1. So, to start back allow me to ask you a couple of questions.
  2. Is it time you took a sabbatical?

If you do, what tasks on your “to do” list will you drop?

Even if you don’t take a sabbatical, I challenge you to look at your “to do” list and ask yourself, “If I quit doing this task, will anyone notice?” Some tasks we continue to do, lost their value long ago.

Garth Roberts, CSP


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You’ll Find Our Company Is Different

Looking west to mountains in the spring

Photo by Garth Roberts

It’s a phrase I hear in almost every company I work, “you’ll find our company is different”. I hate to burst your balloon, your company isn’t different. Your work may be different but the operation of all companies relies on one common denominator, people. The success or failure of your operation is directly related to the effectiveness of your people and how you, as a leader, treat them.

Common denominators for all companies are:

  • if you’ve hired correctly, your people are motivated
  • employees want to do a good job
  • everyone wants to know what’s happening in the company
  • people need to know what impact their jobs have on the company’s success
  • employees want to be recognized for jobs well done, and held accountable for ineffective performance

In turn, employees get turned off when:

  • lack of shared plans leave them wondering what’s going on
  • there is limited or no communication from the top down or from the bottom up
  • there was no follow-up on projects
  • no one is held accountable

These realities about employees are universal. It doesn’t matter if you are making widgets, building bridges, mining for gold, selling goods, or working in the service industry. Pay attention to the needs of your people and your business truly will be different; it will be profitable, leading-edge, and a great place to work.

Garth Roberts

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